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To create an exceptional product, we ask you to send us the best quality image files you have. This means that all images or logos should be sent in a clean black & white or color vector format. Our preferred format is always an .eps or .ai file.

We offer the option of converting raster images to vector artwork, when providing the vector format is not a possibility. A charge of $35 would be applied to your total invoice for the conversion.


Art & Logo Requirements:

  • Vector line art 
  • Adobe Illustrator or Illustrator compatible (eps, ai, pdf, cdr)
  • Include all art in one file if possible.

Text Requirements:

  • Send your text and personalization as an attachment on a word document, or if you have a list of names, please include them on a spreadsheet on an excel document.
  • All personalization should be sent as text, never outlines or a picture of them so that we can copy and paste with ease, minimizing the risk of misspellings.
  • We will re-typeset all text that is sent as outlines, for you to proof read and approve.

We recomend you to stay away from curly, broken, eroded or ones that by default have the enclosures too small to come out clear at the moment of engraving. Please contact our customer service team for more infortmation about the requirements.

What is the difference? you may ask...

Vector Artwork: Is two dimensional artwork that is made up of mathematical lines and curves. Vector files are resolution independent and can be enlarged infinitely without losing image quality.
Typical File Types: .ai .eps .ps .indd .pdf .cdr
Important Note: The vector file types shown above can contain raster art. If you are unsure about your files have one of our art coordinators verify your artwork.

Raster Artwork: Is any artwork that is composed digitally of horizontal and vertical rows of pixels to make up an image. Raster files are resolution dependent and cannot be enlarged without losing image quality. Typical File Types: .psd .tif .jpg .gif .bmp Important Note: The file types above are always raster images and are never usable for our production process.




PhotoGrafixx​ offers high-quality full-color digital printing with a single set-up fee and run charge to keep costs low. And with 24-hour turnaround, your order will be out the door and on its way fast.

Direct Process

This four-color process can reproduce the widest range of hues with the fewest inks. It is available only for white items.


Laser creates a clean, polished appearance with permanent precision etching of artwork into the product’s surface.


A permanent heat-transfer method, sublimation incorporates multi-color and half-tones for unique designs that won’t crack or peel. With one set-up charge, free decorating on both sides for most items and free standard or ground shipping, you’ll save even more money.


Available for single- or multi-color artwork, our decorating specialists use silkscreen, pad print or a multi-color or four-color process heat transfer to render your logo in optimum detail. And we waive the first run charge to keep your costs low.


Deboss uses a die to heat-press artwork into the product’s surface, resulting in a clean, crisp rendering of your logo.

Heat Transfer

Add your multi-color logo to a white mouse pad for a unique desktop brand presence.

Offset Printing

Offset printing is when 4 colors (CMYK) are combined to print a wide range of colors. This process is most common in photographs. When blended, these colors reproduce the widest range of color.

Variable Data

Create a unique promotion with individually numbered items (example: 1 through 1,500). Available only for labeled items such as lip balm and sanitizer.


An ideal decorating method for items such as lip balms. Customization for brand visibility with four-color imprinting can be placed onto clear, white or holographic TufGloss™ labels. They are scratch-resistant and waterproof.