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  1. Letter Opener

    Letter Opener

    SKU: SM-1711

    As Low as $0.55

  2. Mini Stapler

    Mini Stapler

    SKU: SM-3215

    As Low as $1.39

  3. Full Size Stand-Up Stapler

    Full Size Stand-Up Stapler

    SKU: SM-3218

    As Low as $2.95

  4. Plastic Business Card Holder

    Plastic Business Card Holder

    SKU: SM-9475

    As Low as $0.79

  5. All-in-One Card Case/Keychain

    All-in-One Card Case/Keychain

    SKU: SM-9495

    As Low as $3.45

  6. The Networker Card Case

    The Networker Card Case

    SKU: SM-9499

    As Low as $0.39

  7. Traverse Business Card Holder

    Traverse Business Card Holder

    SKU: SM-9590

    As Low as $3.29

  8. Monroe Desk Calculator

    Monroe Desk Calculator

    SKU: SM-3128

    As Low as $3.99

  9. The Starlight Photo Frame

    The Starlight Photo Frame

    SKU: SM-3010

    As Low as $4.75

  10. Soundz Desk Calculator

    Soundz Desk Calculator

    SKU: SM-3127

    As Low as $4.99

  11. The Bug Mini Stapler

    The Bug Mini Stapler

    SKU: SM-3213

    As Low as $1.29

  12. Valet Tray

    Valet Tray

    SKU: SM-3210

    As Low as $0.39

  13. The Ultimate Letter Opener

    The Ultimate Letter Opener

    SKU: SM-1714

    As Low as $0.52

  14. The Office Buddy

    The Office Buddy

    SKU: SM-1732

    As Low as $0.79

  15. The Flex Man Digital Clock

    The Flex Man Digital Clock

    SKU: SM-3046

    As Low as $2.89

  16. Calculator / Business Card Holder

    Calculator / Business Card Holder

    SKU: SM-3105

    As Low as $1.79

  17. Calculator Sticky Notes Booklet

    Calculator Sticky Notes Booklet

    SKU: SM-3108

    As Low as $1.31

  18. The Flex Calculator

    The Flex Calculator

    SKU: SM-3122

    As Low as $2.49

  19. Spinning Phone Holder w/ Coin Bank

    Spinning Phone Holder w/ Coin Bank

    SKU: SM-3130

    As Low as $0.79

  20. 12-Inch Solid Ruler

    12-Inch Solid Ruler

    SKU: SM-3150

    As Low as $0.67

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