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  1. Metal Light with Carabiner

    Metal Light with Carabiner

    SKU: SM-2364

    As Low as $1.79

  2. Lobster Key-Light/Bottle Opener

    Lobster Key-Light/Bottle Opener

    SKU: SM-9786

    As Low as $2.33

  3. Key-Light / Bottle Opener

    Key-Light / Bottle Opener

    SKU: SM-9794

    As Low as $1.19

  4. Whistle Key-Light with Compass

    Whistle Key-Light with Compass

    SKU: SM-9805

    As Low as $2.25

  5. The Galaxy Key-Light

    The Galaxy Key-Light

    SKU: SM-9813

    As Low as $1.59

  6. The Orion Key-Light

    The Orion Key-Light

    SKU: SM-9820

    As Low as $2.09

  7. The Disc Key-Light

    The Disc Key-Light

    SKU: SM-9847

    As Low as $0.99

  8. Delta Wind-Up Key-Light

    Delta Wind-Up Key-Light

    SKU: SM-9891

    As Low as $1.99

  9. Cosmic Key-Light

    Cosmic Key-Light

    SKU: SM-9892

    As Low as $1.49

  10. Gimli Key-Light

    Gimli Key-Light

    SKU: SM-9893

    As Low as $1.05

  11. Aura 8-LED Key-Light

    Aura 8-LED Key-Light

    SKU: SM-9692

    As Low as $2.59

  12. Carabiner Key-Light

    Carabiner Key-Light

    SKU: SM-9693

    As Low as $0.99

  13. Neri Key-Light

    Neri Key-Light

    SKU: SM-9887

    As Low as $0.99

  14. The Ventura Key-Light

    The Ventura Key-Light

    SKU: SM-9640

    As Low as $0.99

  15. The Marina Key-Light

    The Marina Key-Light

    SKU: SM-9679

    As Low as $0.99

  16. The Survivor Whistle Key-Light

    The Survivor Whistle Key-Light

    SKU: SM-9675

    As Low as $1.25

  17. Flip Out Stylus Key Light

    Flip Out Stylus Key Light

    SKU: SM-3781

    As Low as $1.49

  18. Fission Key-Light/Bottle Opener

    Fission Key-Light/Bottle Opener

    SKU: SM-9785

    As Low as $1.00

  19. The Nite Owl Key-Light

    The Nite Owl Key-Light

    SKU: SM-9784

    As Low as $0.95

  20. Thumbs Up! Key-Light

    Thumbs Up! Key-Light

    SKU: SM-9712

    As Low as $0.99

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